Kidspiration is owned and managed by Darren and Rebecca Elliott. We have 2 children called Tom and Lois. It was when Tom was small that he became the 'kid' that 'inspired' us to open Kidspiration as we struggled to find childcare in the local community. 


Kidspiration opened in January 2014 at the Annexe in the grounds of Cobden Primary School. We reached 100% occupancy within 6 months and since then we have always had waiting lists for places. In July 2014 we had our first OFSTED inspection which was, to our delight, judged as Outstanding. In 2015 we went on to win the Nursery World Award for the Provision of Two Year Olds. 


In December 2019 we had to move premises as the Annexe had aged beyond repair. In January 2020 we moved in to the Church Hall at St Makarios Church on Lawns Lane.